10 Clever Kitchen Pantry Organising Ideas

Without proper organisation, your kitchen can go all cluttered. If your problem is your small kitchen space, worry no more. Having more space to store your kitchen tools, utensils, ingredients, and spices are now within your reach with these clever pantry organization ideas without getting you broke.

  1. Custom kitchen pantry

Customise your pantry by installing a portable storage. This will help ease your work while cooking. Plus, it will place everything right and accessible when needed.

  1. Eclectic shelving

Display shelves are one of the clever ways to organize your pantry supplies. It can also serve as decorative accessory in your kitchen. You can create your own wall shelves or eclectic display at home.

  1. Pull-out drawers

Get fully organised by installing a pull-out drawers. By doing so, you don’t have to worry of loosing spices or other supplies buried far back corner that you can’t reach.

  1. A walk-in butler’s pantry

It is always a luxurious feature for a home to have a walk-in butler’s pantry. It’s an extra space for storage where you can store your silverware, serving platters, and your delicate wines.

  1. Wicker weave basket

It is a good storage for your fruits and vegetables and for other perishable items in the pantry. It’s best if you also label your baskets and pile items on top of each other.

  1. Monochromatic woven baskets

If wicker is not your type, monochromatic woven baskets tend to work better for you. It shows off a tidy elegance on every pantry and good for storing your baking supplies and snacks.

  1. DIY Chip Hanger

You’ve probably seen it at the grocery store. They’re easy to make plus clever way to store chips without taking so much space.

  1. The Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a good rescue for every dead-end corner of your pantry. It is a clever way to maximise every space on a spin.

  1.  Labeled mason jars or clear containers

Invest in mason jars or clear containers. Use it to store your food bins, grains, nuts, and rice. Then label them for easier identification.


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