Creative Planters to Enhance Your Vertical Garden

Spring is in full swing in Sydney which is the best time to put up your own vertical garden. You can plant herbs, flowers, and our love – succulents! To achieve that Pinterest-ey vertical garden, it requires beautiful planters, too.

Below are our suggestions of creative planters that you can have one at home.

1. Hanging Planters

It’s commonly use at home and the easiest way to handle. You can utilise this kind of planters for your vertical garden and these will absolutely de-stress you. All you have to do is to look for a spot where you can hang your plants.

2. Suspended Mason Jars

All you need is old mason jars, some plunk of wood, and rope. You may also use metal cables an alternative to rope. Just make sure that it can hold the mason jars when they’re suspended from wood.

3. Straddling containers

You can always make use of your balcony railings to put up your planters. The containers for your plants can straddle both sides of the railings or along the top. Some can have circular planters or a boxy like window planters.

4. The living wall planters

This is also one of the common planters that are easy to use. Living wall planters can grow both indoors or outdoors. For indoors, it is a great way to bring in nature inside your home.

5. Stacking planters

Stacking planter is a new concept in plant pot technology. This is an awesome idea to boost your vertical garden at home. These planters are designed to create a column of many and interconnected growing facets for your plants. Despite the limited space you have, you can feel free to grow and show many plants in your garden.

6. Wall hanging planters

The same way goes with hanging planter but this one is something integrated on your walls through hanging. These are simple planters wherein you can hang your plants and affix to the walls, fences or rails. These planters can be used on either indoors or outdoors.

7. Pallet gardening

This is a great way to upcycle your pallets at home and utilise them for your planters. Your vertical garden will definitely find its way to stand out. The plants will grow best with these pallet garden beds.


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