How To Use Pastel Colours In Your Bedroom

Gone those days that pastel colours are only used as wall paint colour for a baby’s room. Today, pastel colours have grown its popularity. In fact, Pantone has its wide array of pastel colours that you can be used in art, design or even on appliances. (Hello Smeg pastel coloured appliance!)

Stop being a lurker on Pinterest looking at those pastel colour ideas. Have some courage and incorporate pastel colours in your home by starting in your bedroom.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Use pastel colours to add depth to your room

Pastel colours give more space to a small room. Using pastel colours will create an illusion of a big space. A pastel or mint green would be great on walls. You can also add some accents with a yellow and orange one. This will give your room a lively and calm state at the same time.

  1. Use only two but not three or more pastels together

Do not use a more than three pastels or else you’ll end up messing your room. Use only two or three colours to create a clean and chic look. You can combine a pastel aquamarine, blue and violet. It will give you a relaxing kind of feeling.

  1. Use them as accents

Pastels can balance the design of your room. Use them as accents such as powdery blue pillows,  blush pink blankets, and much more. You may also pair pastel colours bedroom accessories with dark-colored furniture.

  1. Use pastels instead of white

White can be overrated but you can never go wrong with it. There’s also no harm in trying so you can opt in using pastels instead of white. Pastels are known to balance every little detail in your bedroom. If you have dark colored furniture and beddings, you can paint your wall with pastels.

  1. Use pastels and combine it with some vintage feels

Old and rustic designs will never go out of style. It will match any kind of design. Pastels also have a great result when combined with some rustic designs. It’s like combining the old and new, resulting in a perfect design. You can use a pastel baby blue and combine it with some metallic or gold colours.

  1. Use pastels and experiment it with bold colours

There’s nothing wrong with being curious and doing some experiments. If it goes well then bravo! if it doesn’t then do another one until you achieve the best. You can try to combine a light green and dark green to your bedroom. You can have light green pillows and dark green sofas against a white bedding and a pale wall. It would be a harmony of cool colours.

There it is! You can choose from any of these uses. One thing for sure, you will be able to have a relaxing haven once you use pastels.


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