How to Choose the Perfect Colours for My Home; A Rookie’s Guide

What colour represents you? What colour scheme suits you best, that speaks the very mood and personality of yours? Do you know that every colour has its meaning and statements about what it represents?

We use colour to impact emotions. It can also make a small room look bigger or making it cozy.

To find out more, read this article, , in the end, you will realize what is the colour that speaks for yourself.

Brown. This colour represents nature, strength, and comfort. Brown is known to be effective to crack down on stress and heavy or any kind of emotions.

Orange. The colour orange speaks energy, vitality, and optimism. Colour orange is known and has always been known to stimulate one’s appetite. That’s why most restaurants and food chains associate orange in their company colour.

Blue. Represents calmness, trust, and peace. It tells that colour blue is shown to improve productivity. This is also the colour preferred and well liked by most men.

Green. The color Green means the health of mind and mental stability. Like brown, green has a powerful calming effect and can also help relieve stress.

Purple. Some say purple is for the people who mourn, yet purple is more fitted with a positive tone. Purple speaks royalty, wealth, and wisdom. It also promotes mental stability and harmony of the mind.

Red. The colour of love, that is why red evokes strong emotions and passion. It can also increase motivation and activity levels.

White. It is sometimes considered not a colour. But, white represents purity, innocence, sterility, and openness. It is often used in small spaces as it creates an illusion making space look bigger.

Now, it’ll be easier for you to choose what colour for your home. Remember, that the colour affects us every day and it’s our reflection of personality. So, choose wisely.


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