11 Indoor Plants that can Thrive Inside your Bathroom

Are you considering of adding plants inside your bathroom? Adding plants inside your bathroom can create a big impact in any aspect. It freshens the atmosphere and creates an indoor oasis. Below are the indoor plants that you may consider to put inside your bathroom.

1. Aloe Vera. Having an  Aloe Vera in your bathroom can add beauty to your bathroom. it is a low water maintenance plant. So, it can survive in a closed room like a bathroom. Place this close to the windows but not in the sunlight.

2. Orchids. Feel the spa-like ambiance of your bathroom with this polished plant. This flowering plant loves humid places that’s why it is perfect for your bathroom. It also adds subtle elegance when put beside the sink or near the windows. Orchids can grow in low light too that keeps them blooming beautiful flower.

3. Bamboo. It doesn’t need soil to grow that’s why it is very convenient. Place the stalk in a transparent container filled with water and pebbles. Remember that bamboos can grow fast that’s why it requires maintenance. Change the water and cut to shape it. You can also put a barrier to slow down its growth. Bamboo can also live in a low light environment.

4. Snake plant. This plant can also survive in a low-light environment. Aside from that, it can be used as an ornament, it can also filter the toxins from the bathroom air.

5. Spider plant. It helps remove the bad odors and can eliminate 90% of formaldehyde toxins and carbon monoxide found in bathroom air. It has narrow leaves that can grow in full bloom and is perfect in any vacant spaces in your bathroom. Though the leaves can dry out if no proper maintenance, water it once or twice a week and remove any fallout leaves.

6. Pothos. This vine type is preferred by many. As long as you put it away from direct sunlight and the soil doesn’t dry out, it can grow indoors. They come in many variations, with different size and leaf colour. One thing, always keeps in mind that with the ingestion of this plant can cause a toxic reaction to your body as well as your pets.

7. Fern. This plant loves the humidity of the bathroom. They also love to receive indirect sunlight in order for them to thrive.

8. Peace Lily. Considered by NASA as one of the best plants for air purity. It helps filter out harmful air toxins. With its glossy leaves and white blooms, it adds beauty to your bathroom.

9. Philodendron. One of the many plants that need litter care. It is best to put this plan in medium light intensity. If too much light inset, the leaves will turn yellow.  If the leaves have spaced,  it needs light. So, consider keeping it near with fluorescent light.

10. Cast iron plant is known as a tough plant. It can tolerate infrequent watering, low light, and extreme heat. Cast iron plant is preferred by many people who don’t have time in taking care of their plant.

11. Zeezee plant. Like cast iron plant,  Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of those low-maintenance plants. It can handle low light, requires low watering, and drought tolerant. In fact, this plant is widely used in office and home as an indoor ornament.


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