The Ultimate Autumn Flower Planting Guide In Australia

Daisies, Snapdragons, and Pansies grow beautifully on the lovely autumn season. It is the special time of the year of our dearest Mother, the Mother’s Day. Australian autumn starts on March 1st and ends on May 30th, heralding the winter season. You can notice that days are filled with brilliant sunshine. Deciduous trees will change its color from green, yellow, orange to shades of red. It is also the time where you can take an adventure along the scenic Brisbane River or white water raft on Tasmania’s coast. Autumn season is filled with events, festivals and fashion weeks.

Before we go to the list of flowers you should plant in your autumn garden, let’s take a little jump to Australia’s autumn festivals and events.

  • Adelaide Festival – an art festival which usually takes place in March
  • Vivid Sydney Festival- it is expected to open in the month of may
  • Sydney Mardi Gras- starts in February and ends in march, it has color nighttime parade.
  • Whale sharks Festival – it is held in Exmouth and in the month of May.
  • Golden Slipper- a big horse racing event in Sydney.

So, the long wait is over! here is a list of the flowers you can plant in the winter season. All you have to do is locate your place and look for flower plants you can plant in your garden.

Subtropical Region (Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales)

Flowers to grow:

Iceland Poppy, Impatiens, Marigolds, Sow Ageratum, Alyssum, Candytuft, Carnation, Cineraria, Cornflower, Cyclamen, Delphinium, Dianthus, Everlasting daisy,  Sweet Pea, Coreopsis, and Viola.

Wet and Dry tropical (Northern Queensland, Northern Territory, and West Australia

Flowers to grow:

Snapdragon, Sunflower, Torenia, Verbena,Sow Ageratum, Aster, Balsam, Carnation, Celosia, Chrysanthemum,  Cockscomb, Coleus, Cosmos, Dahlia,Impatiens, Kangaroo Paw, African Marigold,  Dianthus, Everlasting Daisy, Gaillardia, Gazania, Geranium, Gerbera, French Marigold, Nasturtium, Petunia, Portulaca, Rudbeckia, Salvia,  Wallflower and Zinnia.

Dry  Inland (Arid or Outback Areas)

Flowers to grow:

Everlasting Daisy, Gazania, Geranium, Gerbera, Impatiens, Kangaroo Paw, Marigold, Nasturtium, Petunia, Portulaca, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Sow Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Cosmos, Dahlia, Snapdragon, Sunflower, Torenia, Verbena, Wallflower, and Zinnia.

Temperate Areas (Sydney, Coastal New South Wales, and Victoria)

Flowers to grow:

Daisy, Foxglove, Lobelia, Nasturtium, Nemesia, Pansy, Poppy, Plant Alyssum, Calendula, Candytuft, Carnation, Cineraria, Cornflower, Cosmos,  Primula, Schizanthus, Snapdragon, Sweet Pea and Viola.

Cool & Southern Tablelands (Melbourne, Tasmania and Cool Highlands

Flowers to grow:

English Daisy, French Marigold, Iceland Poppy Plant Alyssum, Aurora Daisy, Cineraria, Cornflower, Cyclamen, Lobelia, Lupin, Pansy, Polyanthus, Primula, Snapdragon, Stock, Strawflower, Sweet Pea, and Viola.

Mediterranean (Adelaide and Perth)

Flowers to grow:

Lobelia, Lupin, Pansy, Phlox, Primula, Stock, Plant Geratum, Alyssum, Cineraria, Cyclamen, Forget-Me-Not, French Marigold, Iceland Poppy,  and Wallflower.

There you have it! Those were the complete flower planting guide in the autumn season. All you have to do is to find your location and take a time to choose your plant. Always remember to give enough care to your plants. Happy Gardening!


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