Why Your Succulent Plant Is Dying: Reasons And Symptoms

Succulents are one of those low-maintenance plants that thrive on neglect. They only need a little attention and if given too much will die sooner than you think. This is the kind of plant that wants to be left behind and watered only once every week. A lot of people kill them with kindness. Did you come to think what are the reasons why succulents die? I will share with you the most common problems and symptoms your succulents is dying.


1.  Overwatering

Succulents don’t like unsaturated soil and moist area. They don’t need a lot of water since they store water in their leaves. Water them thoroughly when the soil is completely dry.

2. Not a good soil

Most succulents die because of a bad soil. Never ever get soil from your ground that is grayish in color. they might have parasites and bugs that can kill your plants. You can buy a potting mix in grocery stores to ensure you have a good soil. Bad soil is the ones who do not drain fast.

3. Poor drainage

Succulents grow best when their roots can dry out fast. Be sure your pots or containers have drainage holes. It is best to buy a terracotta pot. It has holes in the bottom that will drain the excess water.

Poor drainage: Succulents do best when their roots can dry out

4. Lack of sunlight/ lighting

Succulents love to receive the bright sunny light. When your succulents don’t receive enough, they will grow long, have weak stems, and loss colors. Put them in a place where they can get enough sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

5. Watering them using spray bottles.

Succulents need water in their soil not in their leaves. Spraying them with water using a spray bottle will only give molds to its leaves. Water won’t reach the soil. So it is better to water them directly with a watering can.


1. Mushy leaves

You are watering your succulents too much if you notice spongy, mushy or swollen leaves. Also, your pot may not have proper drainage.

2. Shriveled leaves

If you notice contracted leaves then you are watering your succulents too less. If you find your leaves falling off that is just normal.

3. Rotting stems and leaves

When your succulent starts to rot they will die soon. The reason of the rotting of a stem is the dense soil. The pot you are using may not have drainage holes and you gave too much water.

4. Color Loss

If your succulent does not get enough light, they will turn to light green or lose its color.

5. Etiolatio

If your succulents have large gaps between the petals and leggy look, you need to give them light. They will grow tall like literally looking for the sunny area.

6. Sunburn

Some varieties of succulents can’t survive in direct sunlight. If you see black spots on your plant, then it is a sign that it is burnt. It has taken a lot of sunlight. All you have to do is to move them in a shady area. Then slowly give them light. The scar won’t go away but the plant will still grow.

7. Moulds

Succulents don’t like humid areas and they don’t want to rest in puddles of water. Avoid watering them too much to ensure it grows best. Make sure the soil is dry before you water them.

Now that you know some of the most common problems and symptoms about your succulents. You will be able to handle every little problem to achieve a healthy succulent. What are you waiting for? Change those bad habits you are doing to your succulents. Take a look at your succulents if they are experiencing those symptoms. Happy Gardening!


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