How to Make Reading Nooks More Fabulous Than Ever

There is nothing more inviting than a good book. The smell of its pages; the kind of feeling it gives when we flip its pages is one of a kind. Reading is a beautiful escape towards a new different world. Truly, a good read is a book drunkard’s wholesome adventure- A thing that only a book lover knows.

What if I will tell you that we can still improve your reading session feels? What if reading is not just pure escape to a book’s magic world? Let’s upgrade your favorite pastime by having a fabulous reading nook. Adding a special spot to do the reading will surely add the pleasure of doing so.

Here are some great book nook ideas that will spice up your reading drive before it happens.

1. A canopy to make it cozy.

Creating a cozy book nook will definitely make someone dig into reading. The good thing about a canopy is that any ages can relate. From kids, young adult to adults. I believe that there is always this magical feel deep inside all of us.  Imagine a puff beanbag and above is a canopy is a comfortable and relaxing spot to a whole new world. You can add a crate just beside the canopy. This will stand as your book holder.

2. Pull off a rustic attic nook.

If you are crazy over this new book and can’t wait to unravel its depth, there is nothing crazier than reading it in your attic. Redesign your attic at the window side and guaranteed is a peaceful and invigorating reading experience.

3. Put a glam on small unused spaces.

There are some instances wherein situations get a little too overwhelming and we just want to have a break. A nook under the stairs can save the day. A place wherein it’s just enough to lie down while reading the rest of the book is gratifying. To add on, you will never waste that extra unused space under your stairs.

4. Near the window reading alcove.

A reading nook would be greatly satisfying with a bright natural light from the outside. Make used of the natural light coming from that big window. And one thing is for sure, this kind of nook is inviting. It will encourage you to read occasionally. Adding on is the green calming scenery from the outside.

5. Hallway nook.

Transform your once boring and dark hallway into a runaway inspiring nook. To make sure that space will stay neat put a built-in shelf on the wall. Have a great book to make you comfy in the next few hours in your hallway nook.

We tend to be so busy nowadays that we sometimes neglect the time to relax and take a break. It’s high time to set aside Facebook and Twitter and think of what reading nook is appropriate for a bookworm like you. Wherever the location of your reading nook our main goal is to provide you the apt and cozy feeling nook towards a delightful read. Either no tent or no canopy, a cozy reading alcove is waiting for you in this article to make happen.

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  1. I got an old armchair from a friend a little while back. It’s so comfy! The style doesn’t fit the rest of my apartment in any way but I don’t freaking care. It’s comfy and perfect for reading, so people will just have to handle the mismatched furniture from now on!


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