3 Best Houseplants for You and Your Pets

Do you love your plants as well as your pets? Well if you’re answer is “yes”,I can share three of the best houseplants that won’t hurt your furry pets.

As pet lovers we always think about their welfare. We make sure that they are safe and healthy. However, danger comes from any forms  and from unexpected places, so be mindful! Those green leafy plants in your house might be one of the reasons that the life of your pets might be in danger. Isn’t it scary?

Not all plants are safe for them , some have deadly toxins inside it. To help you with that , here are the best 5 pet-friendly houseplants that you can grow.

1) Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

First on the list, this is the most advisable houseplant for beginners and for those who don’t have a green thumb. It’s hearty and does not require a lot of attention.

According to SOS Plant Care, Spider plants only need a fair amount of water and do well in most light conditions and temperatures. “You can put it anywhere and it will perfectly look fine”.

Plus! It can go well with almost all type of home decoration by growing it in a both plain green and white-striped varieties.

“Cats find spider plants fascinating”-  North Dakota State University Extension Services. Although, it contain mild hallucinogenic elements to felines. How awesome is that? But if your cat won’t stop on eating it, rest assured that this plant is harmless.

2) Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exalta bostoniensis)

You can never go wrong in choosing this plant. Some would think it as weed-of-the-woods but this plant is a very versatile. As it’s an overzealous plant, it can grow well in high humidity with indirect light.

According to VCA Hospitals, not all ferns are safe for pets, but the Boston Ferns are harmless for them. It would perfectly fit your bohemian to tropical interior design style.

This is also one of the best air purification plants. It acts as a natural type of air humidifier. These plants are suitable for those who have breathing and respiratory problems.

3) Maranta / Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura)

This funky and cute little plant closes its leaves at night (like prayer hands position), that is why it’s called as prayer plant. It’s also easy to grow and would bear flowers if well taken care of.

It only needs frequent watering and don’t like direct sunlight. These plants grow low and its coloring is bold and making it a statement piece in a shelf will visually create a fabulous look. Just perfect for the Boho-themed home.

This plant can also be used in multiple ways, can be for aesthetic use, beauty and medicinal benefits. It does not only benefit you and your pet but also your entire home.

Plants and pets usually don’t go along with each other, especially if you have a mischievous feline and downright dangerous plants. But now that you know which plant to put inside your homes with your pets. What are you waiting for? Add these non-toxic plants in your house and your furry friends will have a good time relaxing beside your green plants.

If you want to know if all of your favorite plants are harmless, you can just visit the  American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for more information.



Photo source: https://www.haarkon.co.uk

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