10 Quick and Easy Small Bedroom Organisation Concepts

Not enough space in your bedroom? No worries! There are tricks to quick and easy bedroom organisation concepts that you can try at home. Check them out.

1) Focal Point

Locate your room’s focal point. It can be an architectural feature like a window or furniture like your bed. Most of the time, the bedroom’s focal point is your bed. You can put it in the center of your room. In this way, you can have access to both sides of your bed and everything you need are within your reach.

2) Underbed Drawers

Underbed drawers are one of the most convenient ways to organise things. You can do a DIY under bed drawers or purchase them at the nearest showroom near you.

You can also use baskets to store your things underneath your bed or turn that old dresser into an under bed storage. Found on Ladybird & Fellow.

3) Brighten up

Bring light to your small room. In this case, you let the illumination get inside to make it bigger and lighter. You don’t let your room overpowered with darkness for that will result in a small space. Good ventilation is one more thing. It helps freshen the atmosphere in your room.

4) Neutral Palette

Friendly shades in your small room make it look clean and fresh. Also, limit the colors used in two shades, it helps create larger atmosphere. When you decide to paint your walls, use colors that attract the eyes. Cool colors to be exact.

5) Dual Purpose

The bedside table is essential in one’s room. Did you know that you can have a double purpose of it? No need for another study table. Make it two in one, as a nightstand and as study table. Pair it with a chair so you can work in it. Pre-loved furniture in the surplus center can be a help to add beauty in your room. Not only you saved space but also money.

6) Store ‘em up

Maximize every space of your room by installing a wall-mounted shelf or also known as floating shelves. There are many ways to creatively create and style a floating shelf that adds beauty to your room. You can use it to store your books, artwork or knick knacks.

7) Add Mirrors

Mirrors act as a window when putting into a small room. Having them is an advantage in illuminating the depth and dimension of the room. Plenty of it adds visual effect within the borders. Bigger mirrors help the dimension to go further and ignite the people to see it in a large way.

8) Hang your curtains as high as you can

Designer secret no more. Hanging your curtains or draperies higher can create an illusion of higher ceilings. Place your drapery rod or curtain rod at least 2 inches near to the ceiling. Aside from that, it will make your look wider, but it also allows more light.

9) Space-saving furnitures

Swap your bulky furniture with a space-saving design. Nowadays, small cabin and houses are becoming a trend. So, looking for space-saving furniture that comes in either vintage or minimalist design are easy peasy to find.

10) Headboard

It’s not necessary to have a headboard, but you can be creative by having a floating headboard and night stand as seen here.

Photo source: http://tiphero.com/

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