7 Creative Ways To Start an Outstanding Vertical Garden

A garden will always stand out if it is positioned with an angle. A vertical one is the simplest and easiest way to accomplish, that’s why everyone loves to start it. One of the inviting elements of a home is the garden. It is one way to connect with the plants and nature itself especially the adults. Gardening is one of the wonderful hobbies anyone could have. Caring for plants is a way of treasuring the gift of nature. We always want to have the best for our plants and display them in the most captivating way.

To help you decide how to start your outstanding vertical garden, consider the following creative ways:

1. Structure before planting

One of the easy ways to start a vertical garden is to structure the area. If you do not have any materials that you can use, you can apply any landscaping ideas. With the help of white pebbles, layout the area and create hedges out of these pebbles. Make sure to structure it vertically then add the plants. You can use large pavers and sleek stone to give a vertical emphasis.

2. Build a frame

Another way to create a vertical garden is by building a frame. This is one of the common ways and most used at home. You only have to create the box and build it to form the frame. Finally, position the frame and start planting.

3. Woolly Pockets

One of the create ways to design your vertical garden is by attaching wooly pockets to a wall or hang from a fence. You can maintain your plants with this innovative idea. Secure a watering well so it keeps the plants watered.

4. Make use of a ladder.

If you have a discarded ladder at home and planning to junk it, reuse it. Consider repairs and use it to start up a vertical garden. You can attach it to a wall and like a hanging planter, place the plants on the rungs of the ladder and perfect! You can also paint the ladder to add some accents.

5. Window boxes

You can start your vertical garden with your window boxes at home. If these are not available, create them and make sure they are securely attached. You can place your plants here and for safety purposes. Ensure that these plants hold a small amount of soil and are lightweight. You should build your window boxes with the greatest strength. In that way, they will be able to hold the weight of your plants.

6. Plant boxes

Like the window boxes, you are going to build boxes for your plants. The difference is that these are position on the ground level while the window boxes are position overhead. Do the same way with how the window boxes are being done.

7. Hanging planters

You can have succulent hanging planters for your vertical garden. All you have to do is to create the hanging planters, add the plants and arrange them in a vertical angle.

The only area where you make first impressions is through the garden. It is always the gateway to welcome your visitors. So, attract them with these creative ways and start now your vertical garden. For sure, your home will always stand out for them.


Photo source: https://homesteading.com/indoor-herb-garden-ideas/

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