2017 Best Colour Trend Palette You Shouldn’t Miss

Colour greatly affects the person’s mood, that is why it is one of the vital elements of our lifestyle that we should always look after. Everything we want about it, we always follow whatever the trend is. May it be fashion or interior design, we draw inspiration out from it. In keeping with the tradition, we always define every year’s colour.

For this year, we spot another list of best of the best trends that you shouldn’t miss. Check out this year’s best 2017 colour palette:

1) Light Blue Green

If you’re a minimalist person, this colour is perfect for you. This is a colour embodiment between blue and green in a light shade. You can correlate this colour to that of a sky or ocean. If you are going to pair this with black and white, this will surely be a perfect match.

2) Off-White

This symbolises tranquility and purity. If you want to have a positive outlook, this colour will bring you possibilities in life. This is a soft colour and many consider this as the colour of perfection and completeness.

3) Pink Bliss

This bright colour hue conveys happiness and calmness. This is a perfect match with luscious flowers in sheerest of pinks. This is a perfect colour for wedding finery especially a bride’s veil.

4) Dusted Yellow

This is one of the bright accents that anyone would love to see. It energises the mood of a person. This colour represents the sunshine, hope, and happiness. The dusted yellow colour empower you and is a great communicator because it is the colour of the mind and intellect. This is the colour of journalists and networkers.

5) Mineral Gray

This is a rich colour and represents a solemn shade. Mineral Gray is the common colour of rocks and minerals. This is typically associated with emotion. So if you want drama, choose this kind of colour. Also, this is one of the traditional colours and commonly used in Egyptian arts.

6) Sunshine yellow

Just like the pure yellow, this one brings optimism, enlightenment, joy and freshness. If you want to feel happy at all times, have this colour and you’ll always feel happier by looking at this shade.

7) Earthy green

Apparently, this is the colour of nature. This makes the earth lively and beautiful. Try to imagine how dull the earth without this kind of colour. This one represents growth and existence.

8) Pastel Pink

This is a sweet and nice colour. Obviously, a feminine one. Pastel pink brings tenderness, charm and most of all romance. You can associate this kind of colour with luscious flowers. This is a sweet side of the colour red.

9) Hazelnut

This kind colour is associated with hidden wisdom. If you have a down-to-earth personality, hazelnut colour best fits for you. Fruits and nuts are usually identified with this colour. Also, hazelnut represents the medieval period of fertility.

10) Island paradise

One of the Pantone colours. This is a summer colour and everyone would love to have this as it represents the colour of the island paradise. It is associated with lush green gardens and nature itself.

So, what colour are you obsessed into? Choose any of the colours and coincide with the trends. Make wave this year and play out in your space and inner fashion.


Photo source: http://www.scandinavianhomestaging.com/blog/

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