How to Make an Interesting Bedroom for Teenagers

Teenage is the stage wherein a person is trying to identify oneself. This is the stage wherein someone wants to establish something different from the other-just wanting to be unique from the other. A teenager wants things that reflect their personality. How simple or complex it is, teenagers, especially of this generation are trying to mold their own identities and label in the world. How are this uniqueness change the way they look at bedroom designs? What makes an interesting bedroom for a teenager?

The generation Y’s teenagers having an exceptional taste that comes after fashion and style. They want to make sure that everything is on trend. Mixing childhood and their own preferences of sophistication is the course. A bedroom is teenager’s special sanctuary wherein they can express himself freely. Someone who is designing a teenage bedroom must consider bedroom ideas that compromise function that are explicit to their age.

1) Personalised bedroom décor.

A teenager prefers a bedroom with personal touch. Customising is one way to achieve a kind of signature that reflects who they are. You can play with the interiors by hanging a wall art or create a statement wall. Pull off that street look by installing a graffiti wallpaper on the bedroom wall for an urban inspired bedroom. Mind you, this can work well with teenagers. You may also consider choosing a furniture that reflects the owner’s personality. Small things like that will be so much appreciated.

2) Functionality is important.

A multi-functional room is much preferred. A teenage room is not just a place to sleep. This room is where the teenager spend most of their time. From studying to playing their favorite musical instrument to hanging around with friends. In this generation, the social aspect of a room will be taken into consideration.

3) The grown-up feel with black-and-white theme.

They have a tendency to be torn between childhood and adulthood which is pretty normal. However, you don’t like to throw all those action figure collections. You can turn a teenage looking bedroom little grown up with black-and-white theme and play with different patterns to put in more attention. Creativity is given more importance than a calm plain room.

4) Rustic vintage theme.

An alternative to the classic black-and-white is the rustic vintage theme which is on trend nowadays. No doubt this design will make you feel at home giving the room a homey vibe. Since teenage taste is constantly in flux, this style would surely give this ancient and rural look for most. This idea is surely glamorous.

5) Get them organized.

A good storage is what every teenager need. Pick a bedroom furniture that will maximize both space and storage. Most common are beds with built-in storage. A teen who is up to adventure will surely agree to suspended bed as well. This will allow them to maximize the space. No-brainer, right?

Every teenager has various likes on how their bedroom will look like. It is important to be at a teenagers perspective whenever designing their room. Remember that a bedroom can be the most important place for a teenager. This is the place where they can express themselves without demands and criticism of the harsh world. Let your teenager’s creativity and uniqueness shine through.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Alyssa says:

    Great tips. I feel like teens these days want simplistic decor, and the ability to change things often (mood boards, spots for photos and memories…).


    1. Katie Jones says:

      I couldn’t agree more @Alyssa.


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