3 Simple Tips to Create a Fabulous Low Maintenance Garden

Gardening may be therapeutic for some hence, they will spend hours digging soil and planting new seeds. As much as we would love to spend hours and hours cultivating our garden, but there are factors that need to be considered like the budget, outdoor space, and time. Oftentimes, these factors affect our desire to have our own backyard garden.

Since we are living in a new era were minimalist is the new trend, a new taste in gardening has changed, too.

Low maintenance gardening is one of the new trends in gardening this 2017. By substituting flower or plants with shrubs or grass or simply reducing the size of your lawn as long as you have a beautiful space where you can relax.

So, without further ado here’s how you can achieve it:

Choose the right plant and put it in its proper home.

Choose those that are not too big so you won’t have a problem in pruning it often. Pick plants that bloom all the summer season and does not require dread heading. It’s a good idea to choose perennials than annuals. Shrubs and meadows are also great in your garden, you don’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining it.

Limit the number of varieties of plants in your garden. You can have at least twelve varieties. You’ll be able to spot weeds easily and gives you a big area where you can relax. Select varieties that don’t grow quickly but be careful in choosing perennial plants.

Nourish the soil as it will keep your plants healthy.

Use fertilizer to nourish the soil as it will produce a healthy plant. You can make your own compost or opt for natural plant fertilizer like coffee grounds. It is rich in nutrients and it works like magic to your plants. Green manures also help in killing those unwanted weeds.

Reduce the size of the planted areas in your garden.

You can put the beds back towards the boundaries and make a path using gravel. I highly suggest that you use the crushed gravel instead of pea gravel. If you prefer to use a grass, why not replace it with an artificial grass.

Install a drip irrigation system.

The best alternative to garden hose when watering your plants especially if you don’t have much time to water them.

There you have it! Consider these easy-peasy tips when you create your own fabulous low maintenance garden.


Photo source: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com






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