5 Startling Wall Ideas For Your Basement

Your basement can become anything you want it to be. Yet, it takes time and effort to make your desired wall for your basement. Decorating your interior wall is one of the elements that adds beauty to a home. You should not leave your walls unfinished and just be contented of that plain wall paint.

I know you’re tired of refurbishing your interior walls with paint. So, try something new aside from painting your walls to refurbish it again. You can decorate the entire walls of your basement with these five cool ideas:

1) Solve the puzzle.

If you’re bored already by those wallpaper and pain in your wall then here’s a new idea! Make it into a puzzle and its something that drives you to solve it every time you look at it. Especially when you got nothing do you can make fun of this. This is something very exciting. Choose any puzzle idea you want to explore and use then, get started. Your basement will indeed turn into a room escape puzzle and you can now have fun with your family and friends.

2) Travel map.

Your plain and simple wall can become your travel goal map. What place or places you wanted to explore? Choose and look for their maps. This time you can have your own travel map which is decorated already in your wall. This is something that brings you closer to your travel goals with this wall decorated map. You can also check your travel every time and add maps whatever you desire. This will be your great inspiration find every day.

3) Scrabble game.

Hands up for those who love to play scrabble! Connect with your family and play with words. Transform your wall with this idea. Build your vocabulary and sharpen your skills with this fast-paced word wall game. You can have a great time with your family spending your free time with this.

 4) Family tree.

A home is not considered a home without a family and is not complete without a family portrait. We usually have family picture frames displayed  in the living area or hanging on the walls. Instead of doing the same in your basement area make it into something more attractive. All you need is to have your own family tree and mount it in the entire walls of your basement. Of course, make it a bigger one and it’s more charming if it has pictures in it.

5) Big monogram letters.

Aside from having a family picture or tree you can have big monogram letters for wall decoration. List all the names of family members and create big monogram letters for it. Finally, mount it on the walls to represent the members of your family. Also, you can add a bit of design like inspiration quotes about family and place it beside the letters.

Now I bet you already have lot of ideas on how to create something unique and interesting for your basement wall. Isn’t it? That’s great! With these cool five ideas, you’ll indeed forever love the look of your basement area. From dull-looking, pale and simple into an inspiring and cool one.

Photo source: http://grammagic.com

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