7 Top Spectacular Ideas for an Outdoor Party

Everyone is pretty excited for the weekend to put another prawn on the barbie. Before heating up the night with some booze, here are some ideas that will turn your barbeque night more enjoyable with your mates. .

1) Clean up your lawn.

This must be done ahead of time. Mow the lawn and trim the edges few days before the event for you to save time. A freshly mowed lawn will give this clean and inviting look for your guest.

2) Use lights to brighten the mood.

Light up the night by putting on lights. Don’t leave your guest in the dark. Put on the right lightning depending on the type of ambience you want to achieve. Candles create a mood and also can be flattering. Shades and gloves in warm colors also help make a space cozy. Take into consideration having a connectable LED string and festoon lights to go around your garden which looks so lit.

3) Pick the right seats.

Update your deck. Maybe it’s not the first time that you organize an event, even if it’s small or big, it will be refreshing for your guest if you will put extra details on your deck. Guest should have the most comfortable seating, but as much as possible stay away from buying a new sofa. There are lot of DIY ideas you can do. All it takes is your creativity and recycling. It doesn’t need to get all fancy if you are having an outdoor party. You can put wooden pallets with a cushion as extra details, and it will be great for kids.

4) Sparkle your grill like new.

Once your barbeque grill is clean it will really give this big impact to your barbeque whether it’s chops, steaks or sausage sizzles over a beer, wine, or champagne. Scrape it down and clear it off. Be careful by cleaning it depending on its manufacturer’s suggestions. Remember to cool it down before cleaning with warm soapy water then scrub the bars with a hard-wire brush. The next time you will organize your barbeque party, give your grill a deep clean before storing away.

5) Keep it cool with cold treats.

Drinks are essential for every outdoor party. It is where all the fun starts. So, you can DIY a rolling serving/bar cart wherein you can store drinks, beers, water and other drinking accessories. This will provide an easy access to the drinks even if your bottle opener. In that way, it can be moved around to and placed to wherever everyone is settling. To keep it all cool, you can store the bottled drinks in a cooler. Then, replace the bottles in the bar cart once they are all consumed.

6) Bring that right beat on.

One of the delights of life is to own a great stereo. Putting on the right beat on an outdoor party will surely add a lively atmosphere. So, the thing here is to set the tone. You need to consider the generation of people present and choose the songs that are recognizable for your guest. Choosing the right playlist makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

7) Keep it picture perfect.

We are all fond of taking pictures in every celebration. For a picture perfect venue, you can accessorize. You can hang a frame under your lawn’s big three for the photo booth. In this part, you can add different themes that will fit the occasion. Always remember that no picture isn’t picturesque with people close to your heart.

You can pull off almost everything if planned ahead of time. Work on your inner DIY and start making things happen.


Photo source: http://blog.annieselke.com



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  1. Super cute!! I will definitely have to take on board these tips next time I host a garden party! its a shame that Sydney is just about to enter winter – perhaps I can modify it to a bonfire party instead haha


    1. Katie Jones says:

      Thanks, Alison! A bonfire party this winter is a brilliant idea! 😉


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