Proven and Tested: How to Make Beautifully Cut Flowers Last Longer

How wonderful and disappointing it is to see a vase filled with beautiful flowers at home, in office, or in your room only to realise that it won’t last long. Then you envision how it would die slowly. Isn’t it that depressing?

Unfortunately, many of the fresh flowers don’t last long. However, there are ways that will help extend the shelf life of flowers.

Keep your vase clean.

Before anything else, always make sure to wash your vase thoroughly. Fungi and bacteria will start to grow inside a dirty vase. It will affect the shelf life of the flowers. Wash your vase using dishwashing soap and hot water. Then, use vinegar or bleach to wipe out the insides.

Check the water level everyday.

Human needs water so as flowers. Flowers will soak up the waters which checking and adding water everyday is highly recommended. Brad Weinstein at Petals and Stems says, “putting water to the vase is great way to help flower arrangements stay fresh and last longer.”

Using warm degassed water that is around 110 degrees Fahrenheit is also the best way to care for it. Put the warm water in a clean vase, and let it sit for a few minutes so the air bubbles can escape.

Change the water in the vase regularly to avoid growth of germs and bacteria.

Use flower preservatives.

Floral preservatives contain biocide that will prevent from bacteria and fungi from growing which affect the lifespan of the flowers. It also contains sugar that acts as nourishing carbohydrates as well as an acidic addictive that helps maintain the pH level of the water. Lastly, the acidic additive helps stabilize the astonishing color of the flowers.

Cut the stems.

In order for the stems to absorb enough water you’ll need to cut the stems out. Cut the bottom part an inch of the stem at 45 degree angle using sharp scissors or knife. It will create a wide opening where flowers absorb water.

Keep your fruits away.

Did you know that flowers and fruits are not a good combination? Fruit produces ethylene that will shorten the life of your flowers. So, it’s a big no-no to put them together in one place.

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