7 Simple Ideas Towards A Livable Home

You wake up early in the morning, had a hard day at work and rushed yourself towards home so you can rest. When you came home, everything is just too boringly familiar.
So, here are top ideas for your old abode to make it homey and livable.

1) Be a minimalist.

You might like to collect things from stamps to the statue, or books. Oftentimes, we tend to be sentimental and won’t get rid of the things we no longer use. If we continue to keep them, they will only add piles of items and collect dust. Remember, a home devoid of clutter makes it more livable and enjoyable to be in.

So, lend those books you never care to read again and start throwing old waste.

2) Give your kitchen a new look.

No doubt that someone’s favorite part of the house is the kitchen. When you’re tired after work, it’s always nice to come home to a home-cooked meal. Changing your kitchen’s look will definitely increase your appetite. Even a few changes are advisable like having colourful kitchen utensils.

3) Redecorate your bedroom.

We all love to sleep, admit it. It would be the best to freshen up and modernise your room by redecorating. You can start by painting your bedroom in shades of Blue. This colour is known to give you a calming feeling.

You may also organise your closet, add a carpet below your bed or install a high and low closet barrings. Little changes in your bedroom can make a big difference.

4) Freshen up your bathroom.

Thinking  of having a hot bath after a long tiring day makes you want to go grab your bag and go home.

Having a livable home does not only involve the living room or your bedroom. It also includes your bathroom.

Think of ways how you can redecorate your bathroom. Probably, you can replace your current wallpaper with bold patterns or go for a vintage fixtures.

Whatever you have decided for the design, it’ll definitely make your bathroom the most peaceful spot.

5) Update your couch.

Your living room will look more livable if you have something interesting that looks inviting. It could be a variety of textures of your furniture’s or perhaps your couch.

Replace that old tired sofa or have it reupholstered. With simple few updates, it will look brand new again and most important comfortable.

6) Keep everything clean.

You’re working every day and keeping everything clean and in order requires hard work. So, it’s very important that you can manage your time for work and home chores.

The tidy the home, the better it looks and easier to clean. Remember that a clean home is an initial sign of a happy and livable house.


Photo source: Homedecort.com

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