7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas That Will Wow You Out

One of the most essential element in the kitchen are the cabinets and cupboards. There are people who prefer a traditional look or a modernised style. You can spice up those  storage spots using trendy colours and decorative finishes and hardware.

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet design ideas, here are my recommendations that can help beautify your storage spots and bring it back to life.

Thinking Contrast. Want a harmonious kitchen space? Think contrast. Paint your kitchen cabinet with a contrasting colour of your kitchen wall. You can have a cabinet using the material of exotic Macassar ebony veneer. To make it look more serene, change the colour of  your countertops and cupboards. High-gloss white can be a good option.

Simple yet Elegant. There are some that would prefer kitchen furniture that’s light in color and simple. There is nothing wrong with that, as simplicity is the keynote to elegance. To have a clean look, you can choose any shades of white and cream for your cabinets. It is also the shade that endures versatility. These colours and styles invite light to come. It is also the style that fits in cottages, traditional and even to the modern styled kitchens.

Have it Your Way. Drawers and cabinets in the kitchen are now concealed with custom features. You can now decide and have it the way you want it. If you want an kitchenware and appliances, you can have it. Choose to have a division in your drawer and cabinets to achieve the look. Thus, this is a must have if you want your kitchen to be always organised.

Playing Peekaboo in the Kitchen. This is not what you think it is. This kind of kitchen cabinet can give you an easy access. If you are having a hard time looking for the necessary appliance, this is the answer! Glass-front cabinet doors can give you an eye to eye look for your glassware displays. All you need to do is add a few glass doors to your current kitchen cabinets and cupboards. To create a fresh light look and for you to achieve this style, apply it right away.

Gleeful Accents. If you think your glass-front interior kitchen cabinets are boring and dull, add a pop of color into it. This is applicable for any style of cabinets. You can decorate it with bold paints or bright wallpapers. Accent it with contrasting accessories to complete the color scheme of the room. One tip, use bold colours if your area is small because bold colours will give a high- impact to the area.

Farmhouse Magic. Check if your kitchen has antique style fixtures. If you have these, stamp that kitchen of yours with country charm.  But if you don’t, you can buy one and bring the feeling of home even if you are away from home. Have a distressed look on your brand-new, custom-built cabinets.

To make it look more realistic, apply layers of paint to them to make it look like it was applied few years back. The beveled moldings and ledge accents can give the standard cabinets a vintage look. Hence, your kitchen has now a more reinforced farmhouse feels.

Specialised for Easy Access. Nowadays, cabinet companies offer a wide range of storage units. If you desire to mix and match your kitchen pieces, get the type of storage you want.  You can have a cabinet with a vertical row of cubby holes that stores wine bottles. Prefer alongside cabinets that has shelves for you to place the rest of your kitchenware. Clear glass doors on wall cabinets can expand the sense of space in a small kitchen. It can also give a show off to your dinnerware and glassware.

May these ideas help you in your coming plans for your kitchen interior designing. Enjoy and have fun!


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