5 Fabulous Wallpaper Designs for your Home

Torn between paint and wallpaper? If you were to ask me, I prefer wallpapers as you have lots of options particularly on the designs rather than painting your place with a colour or two.

Whether you prefer feminine, sporty, nerdy or artistic themes, be inspired by our pick of fabulous wallpaper designs for you home. Check them out!

1. Geometric. Chic and contemporary, geometric designs are one of the best ways to give your traditional room a twist. You can choose simple lines or shapes or go for bold tailored patterns for a more stylish look.

2. Plain. You’ll never go wrong with the plain design. You can use it to perfectly cover large spaces especially in a room full of decorations. Choose between textured or embossed plain wallpapers to add an interesting contrast to your décor.

3. Floral. Flowers or floral design can boost energy and mood. It also illustrates balance, rhythm, harmony, proportion, contrast and unity.

I suggest that you go for blue and green colours to achieve the soft and feminine touch. Soft pink and yellows are also great options to create a flamboyant look.

4. Animal Prints. Contrary to what everyone believes, animal prints can go with everything when you pair it up with any colour scheme. This will act as an accent when placed in a different range of colours.

The striking black and white zebra print definitely catches the eye or go for the elegance of leopard print.

5. Graphic. Create a fun, modern and hippie look at home by using graphic wallpaper designs.  If you’re not fond of the abstract or bold art, hand drawn graphic wallpapers are  great choice.

You can try to discover other things than listed above. I’m sure there are plenty of possibilities outside as long as you have a creative mind.

Photo source: https://www.grahambrown.com/

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