3 Simple Tips to Create a Fabulous Low Maintenance Garden

Gardening may be therapeutic for some hence, they will spend hours digging soil and planting new seeds. As much as we would love to spend hours and hours cultivating our garden, but there are factors that need to be considered like the budget, outdoor space, and time. Oftentimes, these factors affect our desire to have…

5 Startling Wall Ideas For Your Basement

Your basement can become anything you want it to be. Yet, it takes time and effort to make your desired wall for your basement. Decorating your interior wall is one of the elements that adds beauty to a home. You should not leave your walls unfinished and just be contented of that plain wall paint….

7 Top Spectacular Ideas for an Outdoor Party

Everyone is pretty excited for the weekend to put another prawn on the barbie. Before heating up the night with some booze, here are some ideas that will turn your barbeque night more enjoyable with your mates. . 1) Clean up your lawn. This must be done ahead of time. Mow the lawn and trim…

Proven and Tested: How to Make Beautifully Cut Flowers Last Longer

How wonderful and disappointing it is to see a vase filled with beautiful flowers at home, in office, or in your room only to realise that it won’t last long. Then you envision how it would die slowly. Isn’t it that depressing? Unfortunately, many of the fresh flowers don’t last long. However, there are ways…

10 Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

“Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is my chosen place to clean. It’s the easiest room to clean!”  Said no one, ever. Without any doubt, cleaning a bathroom is no easy task. It’s the messiest place in the house. It smells. Things could become untidy, and it takes hours to clean it….

7 Simple Ideas Towards A Livable Home

You wake up early in the morning, had a hard day at work and rushed yourself towards home so you can rest. When you came home, everything is just too boringly familiar. So, here are top ideas for your old abode to make it homey and livable.

7 Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas That Will Wow You Out

One of the most essential element in the kitchen are the cabinets and cupboards. There are people who prefer a traditional look or a modernised style. You can spice up those  storage spots using trendy colours and decorative finishes and hardware. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet design ideas, here are my recommendations that can…

5 Fabulous Wallpaper Designs for your Home

Torn between paint and wallpaper? If you were to ask me, I prefer wallpapers as you have lots of options particularly on the designs rather than painting your place with a colour or two. Whether you prefer feminine, sporty, nerdy or artistic themes, be inspired by our pick of fabulous wallpaper designs for you home….