Simple Ways to Avoid Costly Water Damage

Keeping your home dry and away from leaks or any type of damage is definitely significant. Water can create hazardous mildew and mould, deteriorate materials, and bend and warp wood. Take a look at the following lurking dangers that water can give you along with the resolutions that you can take.

Malfunctions in Toilets

Majority of the homeowners today encounter an overflowing toilet and this can happen to you as well. An overflowing toilet that happens most of times likely indicates blockage. Usually clogged toilet can be fixed by shutting off the water source at your toilet’s base with a plunger to get rid of anything that causes the blockage. This will help prevent unnecessary water spillage when your toilet is clogged. Ensure proper functioning of your toilet through routine maintenance and inspections 2-3 times in a week.

Repair of Water Leaks

The shower, the roof, the water pipes installed in your entire house can be sources of water leakage.’ It would be very imperative to find for the leaks as soon as possible to avoid mould, mildew and rotting. A plumber can help you diagnose the real cause of the leak or know more about the innovative ways or technologies that can protect your home from any water damage.

Washing Machine Hoses

Most plumbers and homeowners alike found blown washing machine hose as the most common water damage with the machine. Your blown washing machine hose can be attributed to its old age or overuse. A burst hose can be considered as a critical damage in your water system and the entire house as the hose can carry huge amount of water. Do regular inspection of your hose for fatigue and avoid overloading your washing machine.

Exterior Water Drainage

You can avoid expensive damage to the basement, foundation and yard of your property when you install water drainage off the roof and through the downspouts. Make sure you have proper drainage at home by cleaning the gutters and extending the downspouts away from the house. Downspouts should be extended about 5-10 feet so you will have enough drainage.

Submersible Sump Pump Test

Sump pump is beneficial in protecting your house and its foundation during storms and heavy rain as it pumps the accumulated water out from the sump basic of your house. It is also imperative to see to it that the pump is properly functioning way before the storm strikes. You can check or test the pump by filling water through the sump pump hole and letting the float to rise. You definitely have a problem if you notice that the float does not trigger pump. This requires you to call a plumber so that the issue will be fixed as soon as possible.

Keeping water from making damages in your home and the rest of your property is already part of your home maintenance. Consider the preventative measures above to have a peaceful abode.

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