What to do in case of a Gas Leak

At home, most of us make use of natural gas for heating and cooking. We already know the possible risks this energy source could bring us if not properly utilized. As home owners, all of us would surely want to keep our homes safe at all times.  Since, dealing with natural gas can be quite dangerous, we always have to be vigilant and always have to be in the lookout for any signs of leaks. In case you find a leak, below we have provided you with the steps you need to take and follow when such event occurs.

1. Vacate the area at once and call the gas utility company

A gas leak, no matter how small it is should be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as possible. It puts the safety of your home and everyone occupying it at great risk. Contact the utility company immediately and ask for a technician or inspector to check and examine the problem. You always have to think of safety first. However, if the utility company is unavailable or if the gas comes from a tank that  gets filled by refill service, you can call the fire department in your local area instead. They are trained and equipped to readily respond to such circumstances.

2. Avoid using cell phones and any electrical devices and appliances

It’s totally a bad idea to use your cellular phones in the event that you find a leak. So, before calling any of your family members to relay the news about it, make sure to follow step number one first or you might end up accidentally blow off your entire house. Do not use any electrical appliances and devices as well. Using them may cause sparks or static electrical charges that can cause the leak to ignite.

3. Keep any flame and smoke away from it

Never smoke or use matches, lighters or any open flame. You already know what happens when heat comes in contact with highly flammable stuff. That’s something you wouldn’t want to happen, right?

4. Never attempt to find the actual source and location of the leak

By the time you find out about it, your house may already be in great risk of fire. It would be best to just vacate your house and let an experienced professional do the inspecting rather than you, doing it by yourself and risking everything.

5. Leave your gas-fired appliances be, do not attempt to shut off the supply to it

Unless you are a trained professional in this field, never try to shut off the gas supply while there are leaks. Shutting it off may ignite it or damage the pipes and the appliances if not done properly.

6. Don’t start vehicles

Leave your house but do so by just walking, don’t use your car. A spark or a hot exhaust from your vehicle nearby could still be a source of ignition.

Photo source: http://www.digsdigs.com

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