How to Check if your Water Supply has Hard Water

Your water supply may be composed of hard water which can be a problem. Having this type of water supply can often cause build-up in plumbing fixtures, especially the water heater. You may be confused on what to do to confirm if your water supply has hard water, but don’t worry. We compiled a list of methods on how to check if your water supply has hard water.

Appearance of Lime scale on Plumbing Fixtures

A lime scale is a build-up of minerals that is characterised by its white and crunchy texture. If you see any lime scale on your plumbing fixtures then you most likely have hard water. Lime scale may not appear immediately as it takes a long period of time for the build-up to actually become noticeable. Removing the deposit with brushing is the last thing you want to do since this has the tendency to damage the finish of the fixture affected by the lime scale. It’s better to use lime scale remover products. As much as possible, don’t use cleaning agents that contain harsh chemicals.

Check for Spots on Your Glassware

Glassware that has been constantly exposed to hard water will have spots and a murky look, whereas glassware that is always cleaned with soft water will always look crystal clear. This isn’t a primary thing you should look for when it comes to investigating hard water in your plumbing system but it’s definitely worth checking out.

DIY Test

This is a simple test to check if you have hard water in your home, although it does require some specific materials to work. There’s only two items you need which is a water bottle and a basic soap. Some of you may be confused on what a basic soap is but it’s actually just a cleanser that doesn’t contain perfumes, detergents, and dye. Anyway, here are the instructions on how to conduct the test:

  1. Pour cold water (preferably from the bathroom faucet) into the water bottle till its one-third full.
  2. Pour drops of the basic soap into the bottle.
  3. Shake the bottle for 20 seconds. If the water becomes hazy, white, and has little bubbles then it shows that your water supply has hard water. For the soft water result, the water should be clear with lots of bubbles.

Use Test Strips

There are hard water test strips/kits that you can purchase in handyman or home development stores. Alternatively, you can just purchase the test kits online. These items may vary its pricing depending on the manufacturer. There are companies that offer free hard water test so be sure to check those out.

Stop Hard Water Formation in the Future

The best way to prevent hard water messing with your plumbing fixtures is to set-up a water softener in your plumbing line. This device can eliminate the minerals in the hard water, thus, converting it into soft water. Be sure to purchase high quality water softeners for better performance and longevity.



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