14 Essential Parts of a Toilet

Knowing and understanding all the parts of the toilet and their purpose is quite essential and helpful. You will have knowledge on how it functions. By this means, you will be able to find out the problem in the toilet when it is not working properly. Another thing is, you can repair it all by yourself instead of paying costly professional plumber. Familiarise these parts to repair it on your own when experiencing toilet malfunction. The following are some of the parts of a toilet.

1. Toilet Tank

This is the largest part of the toilet and it functions as the brain. Its purpose is to push the used water down to the main sewage pipe. It contains 2 gallons of water used for flushing. When the water in the tank is empty, the refill mechanism functions to fill the tank with water.

2. Float Ball

This part  functions as the alarm system of the water supply. When the float ball float, it indicates that the tank is full. When your toilet won’t stop running, it means the tank keeps on filling water since the float is not functioning to signal the tank.

3. Cold Water Supply Pipe

This is the one providing water to the entire toilet. It is a small valve attached to the wall behind the toilet. It allows you to control the water supply of the toilet.

4. Ball Cock

A ball cock is a tap found on top of the refill tube and is connected to the chain. Its purpose is to limit the flow of water into the toilet tank. It lifts the chain that elevates the ball cock when the flush handle is pressed.

5. Fill Valve

This is linked to the water hose and is designed to bring the water back to the tank. It is also responsible for sending water through the fill tube that fills the toilet back with water.

6. Bowl

The bowl is the part of the toilet which holds the water and the waste.

7. Refill Tube

This is responsible for filling the tank with water when it is empty. The refill tube functions with the help of the float ball. When the tank is full, the float ball rises and the water supply shuts off immediately.

8. Trip Lever

The trip lever lifts the flapper when the handle to flush the toilet is pressed.

9. Flapper

This functions once it is lifted by the trip lever. It causes the flushing action of the toilet bowl.

10. Overflow Tube

This is the tube where the excess water passes when the tank gets too full.

11. Wax Ring

It functions as the tight seal of the toilet bowl. This is found under the toilet where the toilet bowl sits on.

12. Trap

This is positioned beneath the toilet bowl. It sets apart the main sewage line from the toilet.

13. Closet Bend

A portion of the main sewage line which permits waste materials to leave.

14. Lift Chain

The lift chain links the ball cock and the flush valve. It lifts up the ball cock that pushes down the water to the siphon.


Photo source: http://revolutionp.com



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