4 Trees with Invasive Roots

Trees are indeed lovely as it adds up beauty to our landscape. Aside from this, they also provide us shade, canopies, delicious treats and fresh air. However, it can also give us headaches such as their roots intruding our pipelines and sewer lines. Having our pipes repaired due to root intrusions would be very expensive. With this, if you are planning to plant trees in your yard, you must opt for trees that are sewer safe. Here are 4 trees that you must avoid near your plumbing lines as it has invasive roots.

1. Citrus Trees

A citrus tree is a useful tree that has delicious treats that could suffice the needs and taste of the homeowners. Since this is a fruit-bearing tree, this would require a huge amount of nutrition and moisture. As a result, the roots of this tree would enter the pipes to get enough supply. This kind of tree is one main reason for the leaks in pipes and other plumbing issues.

2. Poplar Trees

This tree is loved by most homeowners due to the shade and canopies that it can provide. Poplar trees are known to have more or less 35 kinds of trees that have the potential to develop roots that are harmful as it grows closer to the surface. A poplar tree is harmful to the plumbing system as it can grow up to 160 to 450 feet. With this, it can reach your plumbing pipes and wrap around it.

3. Willow Trees

Most homeowners choose to plant this type of tree due to its physical appearance. Willow trees come in large sizes with various types from black willows to weeping willows. This type of tree is believed to create a good aesthetic ornament to a property. These are usually located near ponds, rivers and other bodies of water as this tree would need a lot of water to sustain its growth. Water is necessary to produce food that is sufficient for them. You would most probably be tempted to plant this kind of tree if you just won’t mind the danger and the damage that it could bring to your pipelines. Willow trees go near at areas where there is an abundant supply of nutrients and moist.

4. Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are the type of trees that you would want to have in your landscaped yard. This type of tree could add an attractive appearance to your landscape and also a pleasant smell to your surroundings. However, this tree has treacherous roots which infiltrate into your pipelines and can lead to blockages and cracks in your pipes. There are 80 various kinds of magnolia trees around the world with the same root structure and growth behaviour. Its roots have a rope-like structure that spreads out from the base of the tree. The root of a magnolia tree grows and crawls along the surface of the ground. Its root structure is capable of damaging and destroying the underlying plumbing facilities. It also has the ability to track down some pinhole leaks in the body of the pipe and penetrate inside.

Photo source: http://indigoseas.us

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