Choosing The Right Type Of Taps You Need At Home

There are many types and styles of taps to choose from. It depends on what you think is right for its purpose. It may be the taps in your bathroom, shower, kitchen, vanity taps, garden or even in your laundry. These different types of taps all have different requirements and it also depends on the set or design to where it is fitted. Deciding in choosing the right taps is a difficult task. A complete tap set normally can save you time and money. But customising each tap for its specific use would often be perfect for personal kitchen or bathroom designs and  would definitely look better.

Common tap styles are cross-heads and lever taps. Others can be mounted separately or fitted directly to the base of the spout. There are also varieties like double and single lever, wall mounted, pedestal taps and many more new designs out in the market. In kitchens and over basins, uses pull out taps connected to a flexible hose to allow more angle and space usage in the basin.

Different materials are being used in making taps and it only has very little effect, to no difference at all in terms of efficiency and performance. These materials are mostly aesthetic like brass, nickel, steel, chrome and sometimes gold. It also has a variety of textures too. From brushed or matte finishes to glossy and shiny look that sparkles. Some even have LED lights in the spout that changes colour as an indicator of water temperature if it’s Hot or Cold.

Mixer taps

They are popular now in modern Australian houses. It allows mixed hot and cold water to go out in one spout. Making the user decide the right temperature water usage. Older version taps has two separate spouts which can lead to imbalanced temperature. One having an icy cold water while the other one can get harshly warm. One of the best benefit you can get from modern single handle type mixer taps is that you can turn it off with the back of your hand or wrist. Making it more convenient for its users.

Washerless Taps

It has three different types available in the market today. Ceramic disc, Ball and Cartridge taps are all designed to help users from having frequent plumbing maintenance. Therefore, it saves us money from repairs and replacement because its durable and long lasting. But normally falls to changing the entire mechanism when it wears out. It’s designed to last long but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t wear out.

In choosing the right tap for you needs. You would need to consider the quality, style, design and the type of taps you will use. It also includes the fittings attached and the materials that best suits your preference. Always remember to think about the practical issues that may or will occur like risk of injury, usage in times of wet, dry and dirty hands and accidents like head, hip or abdomen bumping. Most important is the efficiency and overall performance of the whole fixture.


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