A Homeowners’ Guide to Toilet Maintenance

Plumbing experts say the toilets have unlimited lifespan. This is, of course, under the assumption that they receive proper care and maintenance. Toilet bowl and/or tank replacement can be quite expensive and a time-consuming inconvenience. But, lucky for busy people like you, maintaining it isn’t. In fact, toilet maintenance could be part of your morning ritual before heading out and conquering the world. Here are 4 simple tips for home-owners to toilet maintenance.

1. Cleaning

While it is good that you maintain the cleanliness of your toilet tank and bowl, constant usage of chemical based cleaning agents is not a good way to at it. In fact, these cleaners (especially the large tablets you drop into the tank) are so strong that they damage the rubber flapper at the bottom of the tank causing the toilet to run. Aside from the rubber flapper, there are also damages on other parts of the flushing mechanism housed in the toilet tank. So in place or in-tank cleaners, it is best that you use the in-bowl cleaners.

2. Water Level Adjustments

One of the few things you need to know about newly installed toilets is that you need to adjust the water level within 30 days after the installation as the rubber diaphragm in the ballcock mechanism gets stretched too much. Water pressure increase in the mornings cause water level inside the tank to rise. To remedy this situation, turn the screw on top of the fill valve clockwise. Remember that a good water level is about an inch below the overflow tube. Maintain by check how your toilet tank is doing once every 3 months.

3. Be Toilet Friendly

Treat them like the ‘chinas’ that they are. When abused, the easily crack and break. There is no fixing a cracked toilet bowl or toilet tank. Your only option is to replace it. Do not hit any part of the toilet with a hammer to break a fitting. Penetrative lubricants were invented for a reason.

4. Toilet Tips

Handle lid with dry, careful hands when you remove them from the tank. When placing them down, use the bed, your sofa any cushioned surface.

In carrying the lid after removing, do it by lifting and supporting the underside.
Don’t put pressure on the tank lid.

In installation, never lean the toilet against the wall or other vertical support.

Photo source: www.ideaonline.co.id

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