Inspecting The Plumbing Works Of A New House

Having to own a new house is one the best achievement a person can have. It pays off the hard work done to make a simple dream become a reality (if not a dream, then a necessary goal is more accurate). Excitement level is extremely high and sometimes, if not most of the time, impatience comes along with it. This tends us to forget important things to consider. A lot of factors we mostly really don’t mind. Factors that in the long run, would cost us heaps of cash just for repairs.

Plumbing is one and the most taken for granted factor in moving in to a new house. Whether it’s  newly created,  renovated,  refurbished  or  refurnished,  they  usually  have  nightmares  hidden beneath the well finished paint, concrete or wooden walls, tiles and cupboards. Hiding in struggle are those old drain pipes and low-class (off-standard) fittings that are hidden behind the beauty of the whole structure. This may seem to work upon testing but may sadly last for a year, months or even worse, weeks. Shoddy tradesmen’s work is also one of these hidden problems. It may have new pipes and fittings that looks legit but works like a total rubbish.

Here are 4 basic tips to help you decide in dealing with plumbing works quality in your new house:

  • Know who did all the plumbing jobs of the whole unit. Check for any details of the company who did the job (make sure they are licensed), any problems before and after operation and the completion date.
  • Quality check of the pipes and fittings used. This will help you know if the house was completed in cost-cutting or longevity ways. Check the pipes and fittings if they are of Australian standard. Low-cost parts and materials may work only for a short period of time and gets defective with no replacement parts available in the market.
  • Quality check the overall plumbing work. Even a regular person with no tradesman knowledge can easily spot shoddy type of work. Make sure that it still falls in the five year warranty period and should be up to the Building and/or Plumbing Code of Standard. This will help you bargain for the total price provided with the existing problems that may lead you to spend more in repairs and replacements.
  • Check the overall finish. Concrete and paint finishing can cover up many problems like stains, leaks, condition of wooden and/or concrete walls and ceilings. So better ask a simple report and a diagram of the water pipes and drainage. This will help you check the covered areas if there are any leaks or some covered up history of any leaks.

Proper research in buying a new house will help you save a lot and find your money’s worth. Money can be earned if you work hard for it. So don’t waste it through poor judgement, attention to details and research. In the end, everybody loves to feel the comfort of living in your own hard earned so called “Home”.

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