Different Ways to Decrease Your Water Heating Bill

One thing that homeowners want is to ensure that their water and electricity bills are lesser. Moreover, our water heater has played a role of our high bills every month. Curtailing water and energy usage is a simple way to ensure a low monthly bill. Aside from that, here are some other things that you can do:

Shut down the thermostat of your tanks

Shutting down the tank’s thermostat would curtail at least 3% to 5% in your electricity bill. Also, setting the thermostat below 65 degrees Celsius will prevent scalding. This suggested temperature is known to suffice your hot water demands at the same time reducing the accumulation of hard water minerals within the pipes and in your water heater tank.

Insulate your water tank

An inexpensive technique to lessen your electricity bill is through placing an insulation to the water heater unit. You can do this by wrapping the unit with a special insulating blanket that is commonly available in the market. On the other hand, for new water heater models, you don’t have to invest on insulations for they are already installed on the unit. This is considered to be one of the advantages when opting for new models. On the other hand, for those with tight budget and couldn’t afford on a new unit, insulating the water heater will special blanket is still fine. Putting the blanket wouldn’t need an expert. Thus, it wouldn’t be complicated to you.

Insulate the unit’s exposed pipes

Similar to insulating the tank, wrapping your pipes could carry up to 4 degrees of water in contrast to those uncovered pipe system. Insulating exposed pipes makes you save more money and energy since you don’t have to wait for a long time for the water to heat up. Moreover, when you want to insulate them, try to cover the pipes 3 feet away from the water heater unit. Lastly, for those homeowners who have gas-powered water heaters, make sure to keep the insulation 6 inches away from the flue.

Drain the residues and sediment

Typically, our unit, especially the burner, is having the hard time we in heating the water because of the build-up of sediments within the tank. Thus, the unit needs an extra time to completely heat the water. On the other hand, you can remove all the residues and sediments by draining the tanks regularly. You simply have to open the drain located underneath the burner. Moreover, experts suggest draining your tank at least twice a year to keep the efficiency of the water heater. Also, since sediments are flushed away, heating the water becomes faster.

Utilise less hot water

People always want to save electricity and water consumption in order to have lower monthly bills. If you want to do this, you can save 20% to 60% of it by opting for low-flow plumbing fixtures. Aside from that, try to decrease water usage and use it only for domestic purposes.

Photo source: https://alphaskincare.wordpress.com



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